Parkland Music aims to nurture the interest and talent of children unconditionally and desires to grow together. We hope our students in our class not only learn music, but also attention, proactive learning attitude and positive mindset. Some of the free musical instruments will be provided in order to explore the potential interests of children.

Our elite crew has over hundred professional tutors with superior teaching experience and children communication skills. Most of them graduated from lots of well-known institute such as United State Musicians Institute, Japan Musicians Institute, Berklee College Of Music, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Faculty of arts in Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong University.

Our outstanding brand image is acknowledged by parents of students, public and music professionals. The followings are the awards and achievements we obtained:

– Star Academy 2014

– Music Education & Performance Service Award 2014

– 2015 Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies

– Super Brand Award (Educational) 2015

Course content

Generally music therapy course should undertake continuously and include at least eight to ten lessons. Therapist will design the most suitable plan for student by initial assessment, and write the report periodically.

Aims: Using amusing and interactive musical activities such as performing musical instruments, singing, musical improvisation and listening rhythm to maximize the healing effectiveness because music can stimulate all parts in the brain simultaneously and provide the motive of holding activities. Therefore those activities can facilitate the social communication skills, recognition, attention, emotional control, expression and body coordination.

Introduction of therapist

Ms Oiyee Chan is a prominent and registered music therapist and owned master degree of music therapy from University of Western Sydney, bachelor degree of music and integrated education, ATCL from Trinity College and Grade 8 in piano, vocal and music theory from Royal Schools of Music. Specially trained to serve wide range age people who suffered from intellectual disability, autism, developmental retardation, disability, dyslexia, hyperkinetic syndrome, cerebral palsy and emotional/behavioral problem by using music therapy. She has deep and broad experience in therapying different age groups and Special school with holding music therapy course.

Individual course

Suitable for student who cannot handle in group, does not have basic communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) and have long term specific needs. For example:

  • Serious mental/behavioral problem (e.g. self-harm and wounding)
  • Moderate to high level of autism (e.g. undeveloped basic social communication skills)

Group course

Suitable for student who can understand simple verbal and non-verbal communication but has specific needs for education.

Size: 3 – 6 students

Duration: 60 mins

Formation of group is categorized by age and abilities of students. For example:

  • Pre-primary Group : age 2-5
  • Junior School-aged Child : age 6-8
  • Senior School-aged Child : age 9-12
  • Language ability (single word only)
  • Language ability (short sentence only)
  • Specific need (autism, hyperkinetic syndrome)

Course Fee

Additional $250/30mins charges for assessment before the course.

Course fee per class

Individual – 30mins $390
Groups of  2  people-60mins $460
Groups of 3-6 people-60mins $345