About Parkland Choir


Parkland Choir is established in 2013, aiming to promote music education to a more comprehensive level. With the Choir, members can interact with each other, moivate each other and grow together on the journey of music. If students only attend vocal classes without any performing opportunity, it is very hard for them to capture the essence of music. Their interest in vocal will even drop.
The Choir is led by renowned teacher. He advises the team on performing techniques, team structure as well as external development. He will also lead the Choir in different performances and even overseas shows, allowing students to show their talents.
“Our voices are the most intuitive instruments, it is the basic gift of music from God. Gathering the beautiful voices to create wonderful music pieces is one of the core missions of Parkland Choir.” 

parkland_choir1Training schedule: Weekly (Details TBC)

Music Course Fee

Starting from today, new students can enjoy a 10% discount on the total bill or receive a Free musical instrument as a special offer! 

In addition to physical classes, you can also choose:

 “Online Live Teaching Service”, inquire now!

Fee: $600 / 4 classes


– Students from Parkland has to be nominated by teachers

– Otherwise, audition is conducted for non-students in Parkland

For enquiries, please consult our course consultants at different shops.