Course Content

  • Introduction to harmonica structure
  • Posture
  • Various mouth shape
  • Breathing control
  • Tongue position
  • Tonguing taining
  • Arpeggios
  • Change of key
  • Fingering practice
  • Tied notes and legato
  • Music theory and note reading
  • Performance training
  • Duo playing
  • Hundreds of Canto-pop, Taiwan-pop, J-pop, K-pop, Western pop and classic songs
  • Make use of master players’ licks and songs for exercises
  • Reference to world renowned players and classic bands’ performance techniques
  • Analyze and dismantle the organization of classic hits
  • Composition and song arrangement with harmonica
  • Development of sense of rhythm
  • Techniques in complex beats
  • Improvisation training
  • Song arrangement and ear training
  • In-depth discussion in features of different melodica brands
  • Harmonica maintenance
  • Discussion on the effective and efficient way of daily practices
  • Exam arrangement for ABRSM
  • Participation in various open contests

Harmonica type

  • Octave Harmonica
  • Tremolo Harmonica
  • Chromatic Harmonica
  • Diatonic Harmonica
  • Octave Harmonica
  • 4/6 x Tremolo
  • Chord Harmonica
  • Bass Harmonica
  • Echo Harmonica

Music Course Fee

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2018 Offer (New Students)

Course fee per 1 classes
Debut-Grade3 Grade4-5 Grade6-8
30min $125 / /
45min $180 $210 $240
60min $215 $255 $295
(Groups of 2-3 persons)
$130 $155 $180

*New students can enjoy the above offer by enrolling 2 months’ course
*This offer could not be used together with “Free first lesson” offer
*Original price is $25 more per lesson compared with the new students offer above