About Parkland Band Club


Parkland Band Club was established in 2010 and it aims to promote music education to an innovative and advanced level. Students can never capture the essence of music by only learning pop music, and  yet without any on stage exposure. Their passion in music may even drop as time goes by. With Parkland Band Club, band members can motivate each other, as well as grow together on the music journey.

Despite the strong interest in band playing and music jamming, it is always hard to kick start a band. Reasons include: 1) It is not at all easy to find suitable parterns; 2) Self-doubt due to lack of experience and thus don’t know where to start. Parkland Band Club helps students on the very first step, which is also one of the most important steps — find a suitable team. We group passionate musicians together and help them form a team. What’s more, we will arrange a professional band trainer to follow the progress of your band, such that even you are relatively new to your instrument you can still enjoy the fun of band playing! Our professional band trainer advises you in performace skills, team structure and balance, as well as external development.


Parkland Blub Club also connects with many external parties and provides students a platform to show their talents, including band shows, performace in shopping malls, etc. Through different performance, students can fully utilise their talents. They even have the chance to take part in overseas performance!


“Music is the perfect medium of communication among people. The interaction in music shortens the distance among people. Gathering the talents of students and adding colors to it is one of the core missions of Parkland Band Club.”


parkland_bandclub1Practice time: flexible


Music Course Fee

All new students can enjoy a FREE FIRST LESSON!

In addition to physical classes, you can also choose:

 “Online Live Teaching Service”, inquire now!

Application: Please call any of our centres for more information

Course fee per 1 classes (Per head)  Price
Groups of 2 persons (60 mins)   $175
Groups of 3-6 persons (90 mins)   $155
Band Club (60 mins)   $135