Music Equipment Rental Service

High quality audio equipment / music instruments

Parkland Music’s audio equipment and music instruments are of high quality and can overcome the limitations in any venue. Top-tier music instruments, monitor, amplifiers, speakers, mixers, etc allow audience to enjoy the best quality audio effect.

Professional stage audio team

Our stage technicians have years of experience in stage and audio settings. Their experiences include Hong Kong Coliseum, Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. Our team can accommodate all sorts of venue, bringing music LIVE to audiences.

Professional consultants dedicated to your project

We understand that you have to handle each and every detail in your event, therefore our consultants will take care of the PA and music arrangement entirely, providing professional advice and suggestions to venue facilities. We share your wish of creating the perfect audio effect for your event.

One-stop rental service

Parkland Music’s equipment rental service offers one-stop services, including consulting service covering the entire process, audio equipment, stage crew, equipment setting and logistics — so just sit back and enjoy your event!

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Contact us

For enquiries regarding our music equipment rental service, please reach us at 2362 0578