Do you want to play guitar like Eric Clapton or do you simply just enjoy the rhythm and sound of an acoustic guitar? As one of the leading music schools in Hong Kong, Parkland has a wide range of guitar lessons that will have you strumming like a professional in no time. From hand coordination, strumming, playing and singing to improvisation. Our acoustic guitar course caters to a wide range of levels and experiences.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced guitarist our experienced and accomplished teachers can nurture your talent and help build up your skills and self- confidence. Whether you want private lessons or prefer to learn in a group setting, Parkland offers guitar courses in all of their locations across Hong Kong.

Course Content

  • Learn guitar in Hong Kong from experienced, accomplished tutors
  • Introduction to guitar structure and posture
  • Coordination between left and right hand, finger dexterity and endurance training
  • Fingering, scales and exercises with different form of accompaniment
  • Tips on different fingering, strumming and performance
  • Playing and singing
  • Hundreds of Canto-pop, Taiwan-pop, J-pop, K-pop, Western pop and classic songs
  • Music theory and notation reading training
  • Guitar lessons on theory discussion and analysis
  • Analyze and dismantle the organization of classic hits
  • Performance techniques in different music styles (e.g. jamming with bass guitar and theory in rhythmic)
  • Development of sense of rhythm
  • Techniques in complex beats
  • Improvisation
  • Song arrangement and ear training
  • Composition and song arrangement with guitar
  • Guitar maintenance
  • Discussion on the effective and efficient way of daily practices


Music Course Fee

Starting from today, new students can enjoy a 10% discount on the first bill (See price list below for details) or receive a Free musical instrument as a special offer! 

In addition to physical classes, you can also choose:

 “Online Live Teaching Service”, inquire now!

2023-24 Offer (New Students)

初級(Pre-Grade) $162 $225 $279
一級(Grade 1) $171 $239 $293
二級(Grade 2) $180 $252 $306
三級(Grade3) $189 $266 $324
四級(Grade 4) $198 $279 $342
五級(Grade 5) $207 $293 $360
六級(Grade 6) / $306 $378
七級(Grade 7) / $320 $396
八級(Grade 8) / $333 $414
Diploma (level 4) / / $495
Diploma (level 6) / / $675

初級(Pre-Grade) $171 $135
一級(Grade 1) $185 $144
二級(Grade 2) $198 $153
三級(Grade3) $212 $162
四級(Grade 4) $225 /
五級(Grade 5) $239 /
六級(Grade 6) $242 /
七級(Grade 7) $266 /
八級(Grade 8) $279 /
Diploma (level 4) / /
Diploma (level 6) / /

1: New students who enroll in any course for 8 or more sessions will receive a 10% discount.
2: The discount is only applicable to the first invoice. Subsequent enrollments will be at the original price.
3: This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.


8 lessons package (Includes musical instruments)

8 lessons GYSEN GS-4000   Levites M40
初級 Debut
個別(individual)30mins (共8堂)
$2440(Guitar original price:$2880)

Instrument information

$2800(Guitar original price:$3272)

Instrument information


16 lessons free musical instrument package

GYSEN GA-4000(original price:$2880)

Instrument information