1. What types of musical instruments are suitable for different ages?
    • 1.1 Piano or Pop Drums:
      The minimum age for admission to Parkland is 2.5 years old. These two instruments can easily produce sounds by simply using muscle strength or body movements. In addition to being easier for young children to master these two music instrument, it can further enhance their sense of achievement in learning. So even young children can easily start learning. 
    • 1.2 Wind instruments:
      The traditional wind instrument course recommends children aged 6 or above to enroll. Since traditional wind instruments are heavier and mainly made of metal or silverware, smaller children may not have enough strength to lift or play for a long time. It is recommended for children aged 4 or above to enroll in the ABS plastic wind instrument course. A brand in the UK has invented a wind instrument made of ABS resin glue. The fingering and playing methods of this wind instrument are also the same and easy to learn and master relatively.
    • 1.3 Guitar:
      It is generally recommended that children aged 3-4 years old start with Ukulele and aged 4 or above should choose the guitar. Ukulele generally only has four strings compared to two less than guitar. It will be easy for beginners or children to get started; Ukulele generally uses nylon strings while guitars generally use nylon strings or steel strings which will be relatively stiff. Children will experience more pain when pressing nerves and cannot adapt in time;Ukulele sizes are generally smaller than guitars (the most common size is 21 inches). Smaller children can also learn easily. Children aged 4 or above who are new to guitar may not have enough strength to pick up a normal size guitar (the most common sizes are 40 inches and 41 inches). Therefore, Parkland will provide smaller-sized guitars specifically for children (the most common size is 30 inches).
    • 1.4 Violin, Viola and Cello:
      It is generally recommended that children aged 3.5 or above only enroll. Beginners or children can start with smaller violins. Violins and guitars are also stringed instruments. A violin has fewer strings than a guitar and is also smaller in size so the study age requirement is slightly lowered.