Parkland Music Foundation


Parkland Music Foundation is a non-profit making organization. We endeavor to serve for the sustainability of music development. We aim at growing seeds of music into a lush parkland by popularizing music education, training young music leaders, and nurturing talents by providing a sharing platform.


Our Mission

To plant the seed of music in everyone’s heart, and support it to sprout and bear good fruit which can color the world with music.


Our Principle

Endeavor to serve and support musicians with a righteous, humble and selfless heart, and promote music culture to people from all walks of life – because we truly believe music is the best medium of delivering hope, care and blessings to people.


Sustainability of music development is our goal. Our work can be categorized into the following directions:

1. Sowing: Popularize music education, make music accessible to everyone by voluntary teaching, subsidies, etc

2. Cultivate: Provide career training, so young musicians can turn their interest into career, including music tutor, event organizer, session player, etc, and nurture future music leaders in turn

3. Fertilize: Organize music events, encourage productions by allowing musicians to publish their works. They can also build their music circle and learn from each other on this platform

4. Bear fruit: Deliver caring and blessings, organize community projects and volunteer activities, so as to encourage music lovers to be the salt and light by utilizing their interests