• Comprehensive course designed to help adults 18 years of age or above become performers
  • The first three months of the “Newbies phase” give adult a solid musical foundation and prepare them to perform with other teenagers.
  • After passing the “Newbies phase”, student will enter the “Performer Stage” : One individual music lesson + group performance lesson per week.
  • Attend at least one performance every year.
  • After passing the “Newbies phase”, all Parkland Rockers can have unlimited use of the drum room, piano room, and guitar room at all Parkland branches for practice.
  • Exercise students’ confidence and courage to perform on stage.
  • Make friends and grow together through group classes.
  • Tailor-made design by Hong Kong team for adults aged 18 or above.
  • Using English, Cantonese and Mandarin children’s songs as teaching materials.
  • Students can choose their favorite songs to learn and put their interests first.

Parkland Rockers

Parkland Rockers

Individual Music Lessons

  • Each class is 60 minutes long, suitable for adult of this age to focus on.
  • One lesson per week
  • Use adult’s favorite pop songs as teaching materials
  • Aims to learn some songs in a short time so that adults can gain the satisfaction of playing music as soon as possible
  • Learn music theory, reading music and other skills while learning musical instruments
  • In the “Newbies phase” of the first three months, adults can generally master basic playing and music reading skills.
  • Get ready for group performance classes
  • Students can also apply for exams at ABRSM Royal College of Music, Rockshool or Trinity College of Music

Group Performance Class

  • Each class is 60 minutes, one class per week, 12 lessons per period
  • 3-6 adults per class
  • Designed for performance preparation
  • The instructor will arrange the music according to the level of the adults. Even beginners can enjoy the fun of playing band.
  • Students will be responsible for different instruments, and there may be multiple children responsible for the same instrument in the same class.
  • Students can take turns choosing songs, or they can discuss song selections with classmates without other groups. Learn how to get along with people
  • Playing with others can train adult’s listening skills, teamwork skills and expression skills.
  • **There are no make-up classes for group classes

Parkland Rockers Subject

  • Acoustics Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Pop Drums
  • Cajon
  • Classical Piano (individual lessons are classical piano, group lessons are popular piano)
  • Pop Piano
  • Classical Vocal (individual classes are classical vocal music, group classes are for popular singing)
  • Pop Singing
  • Saxphone
  • Violin

Who can be Parkland Rockers?

  • Adults aged 18 or above
  • No musical background required, newbies welcome
  • If you already have a certain level of music, you can skip the “Newbies phase”

2024 Summer Course New Students Price

A. “Newbies phase” (first 3 months) individual lessons:

(The following is the price after 10% discount)

  • Acoustics Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Pop Drums, Cajon, Classical Piano, Pop Piano: $279/60 mins per lesson
  • Classical Vocal: $297/60 mins per lesson
  • Pop Singing: $320/60 mins per lesson
  • **All students in the “Newbies phase” can rent a drum room, piano room or guitar room for practice at a discounted price of $500 a month.


B. After the “Newbies phase”, you will enter the “Performer Stage”:

Three months per term. One individual class per week (please refer to the table below for prices)

+One group performance class per week ($125/60 minutes per class, 12 lessons per period)

**Price includes *unlimited* rental of drum room, piano room or guitar room for practice

(The following is the price after 10% discount)

Course fees are calculated based on one class
Guitars、Drums and pop piano


Violin and Classical piano


初級(Pre-Grade) $279 $279
一級(Grade 1) $293 $288
二級(Grade 2) $306 $302
三級(Grade3) $324 $329
四級(Grade 4) $342 $338
五級(Grade 5) $360 $365


Course fees are calculated based on one class


Classical Vocal


Pop Singing


初級(Pre-Grade) $284 $297 $320
一級(Grade 1) $293 $306 $338
二級(Grade 2) $306 $315 $356
三級(Grade3) $333 $342 $374
四級(Grade 4) $342 $351 $392
五級(Grade 5) $369 $378 $410

1: New students who enroll in any course for 12 or more sessions will receive a 10% discount.
2: The discount is only applicable to the first invoice. Subsequent enrollments will be at the original price.
3: This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.

Class Locations

  • Individual Music Lessons: Any Parkland campus
  • Group performance class: must be taken at designated campus, included:
    • Mongkok (Main School)
    • Kowloon Bay Campus
    • Aberdeen Campus
    • Tsing Yi Campus
    • Tuen Mun (Parklane) Campus
    • Central Campus

Please refer to the group class schedule for class times


Telephone inquiry:2362 0468 / 6477 7883

Email inquiry:info@parklandmusic.com.hk