It is a main focus of Parkland Music to nurture the next generation of musically gift and loving children to grow with them to allow the kids to increase their concentration, initiate learning, so they can learn not only music, but the proper attitude in the children music classes. We will provide some instruments free so the kids can experiment various interests without adding any extra problems for the parents.

We have over 100 great teachers with vast experience with children, great patience and wonderful in communicating with children. Many of our teachers graduated in famous institutions of music, ex: Musicians Institute in USA, Musicians Institute in Japan, Berklee College of Music, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Baptist University Faculty of Music, and Hong Kong University Faculty of Music, etc

The excellent educational brand of Parkland Music is due to a parents’ continue support and the recognition from the public and professionals throughout the years. The awards we’ve had include:
– Parents Magazine’s Super Brand Award 2015
– Capital Weekly’s Music Education and Performance Service Award 2014
– Mediazone’s 2015Most Valuable Company Award
– Parents Magazine’s Star School 2014

Guitar for Kids Course Information

Feel that your kid is super cool? Parkland’s Guitar for Kids courses is the place to nurture him to be the future star! As the guitar isn’t a mainstream instrument in many children music courses, many students are extremely interested in this. Via playing and singing with the guitar at the same time, it can improve the children’s self-confidence and increase their creativity. The school can arrange entrance to Trinity College London and Rockschool examinations.

Guitar for Kids Courses are suitable for kids aged 2 and a half to 8 years old.

  • Introduction to Guitar Structure and Posture
  • Coordination of both hands, finger flexibility and endurance training
  • ntroduction to finger skills, pitch training and various accompaniment trainings
  • Various finger skills, strumming techniques and singing and playing techniques
  • Singing and Playing at the same time
  • Using nursery songs or simple songs as practice
  • Knowledge of Musical Theory, Sight Reading Training
  • Analyze and Study Guitar Theories
  • Analyze and Dissect what makes a classical song
  • Techniques of playing various styles (ex: With Bass accompaniment and theories of rhythm)
  • Various tempo training
  • Various complex beat introduction
  • Impromptu performance training
  • Song selection and Hearing Training
  • How to write and arrange songs with the guitar
  • Teaching of the correct, effective and time-saving practice method


Music Course Fee

All new students can enjoy a FREE FIRST LESSON!

In addition to physical classes, you can also choose:

 “Online Live Teaching Service”, inquire now!

2022 Offer (New Students)

程收費以一堂計 初級至三級
個別 (Individual) 30min $165 / / /
個別 (Individual) 45min $235 $280 $315 /
個別 (Individual) 60min $295 $335 $375 $435
(Group of 2 people) 60min
$175 $215 $245 /
(Group of 3-6 people) 60min
$135 $175 / /

*New students can enjoy “Free first lesson” offer:

1.New students can enjoy an extra complimentary lesson*!
*8-lesson package + 1 complimentary lesson = 9 lessons in total
2.The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers, discount and cash coupons.

8堂證書課程 送 名廠樂器

收費以八堂計算 Gysen 木結他
GS-4000 藍色 / 紅色 / 黑色 / 灰色
Levites 木結他
M40日落黃 / 原木色 /黑色
初級 Debut
個別(individual)30mins (共8堂)
$2388 $2748