Course Information

Praise the Lord with the harp; make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre.
Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.

Course Includes: Worship Pianist, Worship Guitarist, Worship Bassist, Worship Drummer, Choir Hymnal offering and Worship Team Training
Students can participate in Parkland’s Worship Team to allow the students to “learn as they serve” worshipping as a heart of one!

  • Targets those that wish to serve in a worship team, hymnal ministry and those Christian students interested in improvements or development in Christian music.
  • Taught by Christian teachers
  • Main focus in learning hymns and adding basic instrumental training qualities to improve the students basics
  • Hymnal instrumental accompaniment training:
    • Piano/Guitar/Drums structure and posture introduction
    • Coordination of both hands, finger flexibility and endurance training
    • Introduction to finger skills, pitch training and various accompaniment trainings
    • Various finger skills, strumming patterns, chord theories and chord playing skills
    • Focused trainings on uses of Arpeggios, Tapping, speed, solo, scales/mode
    • Thorough analysis on impromptu and performance training
    • How to portray feeling during solos
  • Hymnal offering training:
    • Vocal warm-up training and enunciation
    • Pebble use and breathing techniques
    • Vocal techniques and chest voice vs falsetto use
    • Singing styles and portrayal of emotions
    • Presentation techniques
    • Teaching of hundreds of Chinese and Western Classic Hymns
  • Knowledge of Musical Theory, Sight Reading Training
  • Analyze and dissect what makes a classic hymn
  • How to write and arrange music with instruments
  • Various tempo training
  • Various complex beat introduction
  • Song selection and ear training
  • In-depth analysis of set-up f various instruments dependent on size of venue
  • Teaching of the correct, effective and time-saving practice method
  • Arrange entrance to various public and internal performances
  • Arrange entrance to various public competitions


Music Course Fee

All new students can enjoy a FREE FIRST LESSON!
Summer offer: get a month’s lessons or an instrument for free!

2018 Offer (New students)

A. Worship Pianist, Worship Guitarist, Worship Bassist, Worship Drummer

Per lesson per head Debut-Grade3 Grade4-5 Grade6-8
(Individual) 30min $125 / /
45min $180 $210 $240
60min $215 $255 $295
(Group of 2-3 people) 60min $130 $155 $180

B. Hymnal Offering Training

Course fee per 1 classes
30mins 45mins 60mins
Pre-Grade $155 $215 $275
Grade 1 $165 $225 $285
Grade 2 $175 $235 $295
Grade3 $190 $255 $325
Grade 4 / $265 $335
Grade 5 / $285 $365
Grade 6 / $295 $375
Grade 7 / $315 $405
Grade 8 / $335 $435
Advanced Certificate / / $515
ATCL / Dip ABRSM / / $615
LTCL / LRSM / / $815


Course fee per 1 classes Debut-Grade3 Grade4-5 Grade6-8
(Groups of 2-3 persons)60min $175 $200 $225

C. Worship Team Training

Course fee per 1 classes
(Groups of 2-3 persons) $130
(Groups of 4-6 persons) $115

*New students can enjoy the above offer by enrolling 2 months’ course
*This offer could not be used together with “Free first lesson” offer
*Original price is $25 more per lesson compared with the new students offer above