Course Content

  • Introduction to recording equipments
  • Connection of recording equipments and audio systems
  • Operations of equipments
  • Common knowledge of recording
  • Skills of recording
  • Discussion of efficient recording procedure
  • Software operations
  • • Positioning of microphone
  • • Problem solving in real recording situation
  • • Analysis of the science of sound
  • • Post production, editing and sound polishing
  • • Software introduction (Pro Tools、Digital Performer、Logic Pro、Sonar、Cubase、 Sibelius、Ableton)(Pro Tools、Digital Performer、Logic Pro、Sonar、Cubase、 Sibelius、Ableton)

*Note: Parkland Music uses iMac for all digital music courses


Music Course Fee

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Course fee per 1 classes Debut Advanced
(Individual) 60min $360 $440
(Groups of 2-3 persons) 60min $250 $330