Parkland Music provides professional piano teaching courses and singing teaching courses, suitable for those who are interested in playing and singing by themselves. Nearly 60 campuses of Parkland Music provide professional pop singing skills and singing teaching courses, all of which are taught by experienced professional teachers, who can learn one or more songs in the shortest time.

Parkland 8 lessons free 1 self-playing and singing course, including:

  • 4 lessons
  • 4 Guitar/Piano Lessons
  • One to two classes per week
  • Students can choose their own songs

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追加鋼琴Piano : Konix PZ61 / PH61 61鍵電子琴 PH88 88鍵電子琴
(原價 $1088)
(原價 $1528)


追加結他Guitar : Gysen GA4000擦色款木結結他 Levites M40
(原價 $988)
(原價 $1506)


老派約會之必要 – MC 張天賦 地球上的最後一朵花 – Ian Chan 陳卓賢
到底發生過什麼事 – Dear Jane  飄流教室 – 古巨基, Edan 呂爵安
賽勒斯的愛 – 張敬軒  E先生連環不幸事件 – Edan 呂爵安
We All Are – Mirror 記得 – 林家謙
留下來的人 – C AllStar 記憶棉 – MC 張天賦
隔離 – 陳凱詠 突如其來的心跳感覺 – Anson Lo 盧瀚霆, Edan 呂爵安
掉進海的眼淚 – 洪嘉豪 Dear My Friend, – 姜濤
孤獨病 – 姜濤 俏郎君 – 張敬軒
凡星 – 陳蕾 給缺席的人唱首歌 – Jay Fung 馮允謙
人類群星閃耀時 – Jer 柳應廷 留一天與你喘息 – Ian Chan 陳卓賢
永順街39號 – Anson Lo 盧瀚霆 Distance – Ian Chan 陳卓賢
邊一個發明了ENCORE – 林家謙 勁浪漫 超溫馨 – Gareth.T
自毀的程序 – Jer 柳應廷

2023-24 Course Fees:

HKD $ 2 6 6 0 $2394 (10% discount)
In addition to physical classes, you can also choose: “Online Live Teaching Service”, check now!

1: New students who enroll in any course for 8 or more sessions will receive a 10% discount.
2: The discount is only applicable to the first invoice. Subsequent enrollments will be at the original price.
3: This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.