Parkland’s Highlights

01 Quality Learning Environment

f01Our headquarter and branch are situated in Mongkok and Causeway Bay’s prime locations respectively, taking up a total area of over 4,000 sq feet in commercial buildings.
With a consistent color theme of grey and white in both headquarter and branch, coupled with a stylish lighting, students can smell and feel contemporary and pop music.

02 Unparalleled Learning Facilities

f02For our students’ convenience, our classrooms are well-equipped with acoustic guitars, electrical guitars, bass guitars, drum sticks, etc. Even if you do not have the instrument, we are able to fully support your learning with NO extra charge. We also provide rental services of facilities such as drum room, piano room, band room etc to our students. To ensure top priority for our students, all facilities are only available for students.

03 Utilization of Digital Technology

f03We make good use of the digital facilities in our school to fully assist students’ effective learning.

04 Renowned Star Instructors

f04Our instructor team comprises hundreds of star performers. On top of the numerous awards in different music contests, our professional artists also have extensive experience in high profile concerts. In our renowned instructor team, a lot of them are graduated from world-class music institutions. With their extensive experience in concerts, television programs, radio broadcasts, music videos, etc, they are able to share their live performance experience with students. We also have foreign instructors from all parts of the world including Japan, Singapore and the States. As such, Parkland delivers world class learning experience as well as global horizon to our students.

05 Comprehensive Curriculum

images-stories-feature-i03-140x140Music should not be limited to a single category, instead, there should be unlimited ways of expression. We have designed music courses that consist of 5 key fields, which are fully supported by 8 core elements. Our vision is to nurture and produce all-round musicians.

06 Systematic course structure

i04We have already designed a clear learning route for every student when they first step into our classroom. From individual classes, band training, musical theory, digital music courses, to specialty workshops, seminars to band shows, we make students’ dreams achievable.

07 Flexible class arrangements

f07Generally speaking, a steady class schedule brings the best learning outcome. Our course consultants will arrange the most suitable timeslot for students depending on their interests and personal schedule. Understanding that not all students can arrange a fix class schedule, we thus offer special arrangement to certain students, allowing them to pick their own timeslot. This flexibility encourages them to learn music despite their busy schedule, bringing them a work-life balance.

08 Live Performance Opportunities

f08To support local music, Parkland actively promotes the cultural exchange and cooperation among local and overseas music groups. From band shows, band competitions to overseas programs, we provide a well-established platform for students to get live performance experiences.

09 Globally Recognized Qualifications

f09Parkland fully equips students for professional music qualifications, such as ABRSM, Trinity College of Music and Rock Schools’ Music Exams. Students can enroll through our branches for qualification exams.

10 Diversified Learning Activities

f10On top of regular workshops, seminars and master classes, Parkland organizes social events including barbeque gathering and music concerts to broaden students’ social network, allowing them to meet new friends in their music journey.