Parkland’s Highlights

01 More than 50,000+ student’ true testimony

Music is an international language regardless of age, occupation or nationality. The number of Parkland students has reached hundreds of thousands so far. The youngest student is only 2.5 years old, and the most mature student is over 90 years old. The occupations include: current student, doctor, lawyer, boss, pilot, etc.; and the nationalities of the students include: Hong Kong, Japanese, British, Indian, etc. Parkland hopes to build a music platform to make more people love music more and cultivate real musicians.

02 More than 2,000 Parkland tutors from professional teams

Parkland Music already has more than a thousand elite tutors, including: professional session musicians, many of Parkland’s tutors are professional musicians, and even participate in different concerts; graduates of famous music schools, all Parkland tutors must have an eighth grade or Some of the above qualifications have won multiple music awards, including MI in the United States, MI in Japan, Berklee College Of Music, etc.; Educational packages and more. In terms of academic qualifications, all instructors must have a qualification of Grade 8 or above, and some have won multiple music awards.

03 Encourage students to participate in different types of competitions

Parkland’s teaching is no longer limited to the classroom. In order to allow each student to share the results of the classroom with others, Parkland also holds large or small music performances in different places every year, so that students can not only share the results with others In addition, it can also increase personal performance experience and enhance personal self-confidence. In addition, in order to let each student have a deep impression on each performance, Parkland will send a performance certificate to all performers as a commemoration.

04 The most branches in Hong Kong are located in the core area

It has been more than 20 years since Parkland Music was founded, and until today it has expanded to nearly 60 branches in various parts of Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. To enable students to study comprehensive music courses in an excellent environment and under the guidance of high-quality tutors. The design of the Mongkok main campus and the branch campus is unified, with gray and white as the theme, and the lighting is also specially coordinated, making the overall feel fashionable and full of pop music flavor.

05 The passing rate of the exam is 97%, and more than 80% of the students get “excellent” or “good”

Parkland provides more than 50 music courses to choose from. Parkland puts students’ interests first and hopes to stimulate students’ learning motivation through interest so that they can truly feel the joy of music. As long as the students fall in love with music, they will practice spontaneously, and they can get good grades on the test without being forced. Even if they go from elementary school to level 8 within a year, it is no longer a dream.

Real case (1): A junior primary school student who has reached piano level 6 at the age of 6, and is even familiar with music theory, so he does not need to read the score to play.

Real case (2): Secondary school students, learning electric guitar and wooden guitar, in less than a year, from elementary school to level 8.

06 Encourage students to participate in different types of competitions

In addition to recommending students to participate in international music examinations, Parkland Music will also actively recommend students to participate in various large and small competitions. It is good to win prizes in competitions, but more importantly, I hope that each student can gain valuable experience in various competitions and gain something from it.

Real Case (1): The Chinese University of Hong Kong Wu Yee Sun College Singing Competition – Individual Category Champion

Real Case (2): Hong Kong Youth Music Open Competition – 3rd Runner-up in Kindergarten Piano Group

07 Flexible class time

For learning, a steady class schedule works best. Branch school colleagues will determine the most suitable class time for students based on the students’ interests and available class time as the main factors. At the same time, in order for students not to be restricted by the place of study, Parkland not only provides physical classes, but also provides online teaching classes for overseas students or students who are not convenient to attend classes in person, so that all students can learn music easily.

08 獲獎無數的團隊

Parkland Music has won numerous awards since its establishment, including “Hong Kong Most Valuable Enterprise Award”, “Parent-Child Convenience” high-quality education brand, “Capital Weekly” music education and performance service awards, etc., and its quality has won public recognition. Our caring for the society and our contributions to the music industry have also earned us the “Caring Company” logo from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Find out more: Our Awards and Achievements

09 Recognized Music Certificate

Parkland Music Course can arrange for students to take corresponding special music examinations, such as the Royal Academy of Music, Trinity School of Music, and Rock School music examinations. The process only needs to be registered at the branch school, and you can get a certificate of recognition for your music qualifications.

10  Provide a one-stop teaching service

Parkland Music provides one-stop teaching services for each student: multiple registration method options, more than 50 music course options, high-quality musical instrument selection, practice/recording places, student shows, music competitions and music exams. Parkland is committed to providing students with high-quality and ideal one-stop learning packages.