Start your business in 2019! — Franchise Seminar 

Date: 2 Mar 2019 (Sat)

Time: 2:30pm

Venue: Parkland Music Kowloon Bay Center (Room 11, 7/F, Telford House)

Capacity: 40 (Free of Charge)

Online registration:

*Please reserve a seat online, walk-in will not be entertained. First come first served.

*Seminar will be conducted in Cantonese.

Successful Case Study

Education Franchise Hong Kong

The Most Popular Novel Music School Franchise Hong Kong

We are Parkland Music Institute, an award-winning education franchise in Hong Kong. We have the most schools of pure musical education than any other brand franchise in Hong Kong, complete with the following advantages:

  • We are rapidly expanding, we now have 24 schools.
  • We’ve attracted more than 1000 teachers to join our staff.
  • We attract thousands of new students each year to our musical education franchise in Hong Kong.
  • We break the industry norm of just teaching children, instead we cater for a broad range of clients from ages 3 – 80 years old.
  • We are not an ordinary “music school”, but an all-rounded music training center.
  • We have successfully revamped the traditional music school industry into a trendy brand name for learning music.
  • We assure reasonable pricing with the highest standard of teaching across our wide franchise Hong Kong.

Our Parkland Music Institute Philosophy

Our Mission

To implant each student with the invaluable seeds of music, while supporting its growth to fruition and aiding our colleagues to become all-rounded people.

Our Principle

We aim to sustain a vigorous and fun environment, whereby we treat each client as if they’re our first. We strive to serve with fairness, humility and selflessness. We work to constantly improve our education franchise in Hong Kong each day, as we truly believe that the proud ones will be humbled.

Why Parkland?

‘Parkland’ means woodlands. And in this woodland, we hope that the seeds of music will grow its roots within you. We aim to provide the very nutrients these musical seeds need to grow, while cultivating fruits with blossoming flowers.

Another definition for ‘Parkland’ is ‘public garden’. Through our music teaching franchise in Hong Kong, we aspire to create the essential platform for people to share music within a garden; planting more people to love music, as we train them into the ultimate musicians.

Why Open a Parkland Franchise Hong Kong?

  • As we believe the market is vibrant, Parkland Head Office have many self-directed music schools, which we passionately invest in.
  • We will continue to run and operate our own schools, while expanding with our franchises.
  • We continue to receive many enquiries seeking opportunities to work with Parkland Music Institute, as we create a steadfast platform for musical education and musical lovers alike.
  • With a growing demand from parties to work with us, we decided to implement this franchising plan. Through this venture, we hope that with more franchises working together, we can expand, grow and serve high-quality music education to the wider public.
  • Through our education franchise Hong Kong, we continue to fulfil our core mission “to implant the seeds of music into everyone and support its growth to fruition, aiding our colleagues to become all-rounded people”.

1. The Hardships of Business Start-up solved through Parkland!!

There are many problems and hurdles when you start-up your own business. When we first started, we have experienced them as well. In our Franchise Plan, we will use our experience to go through every hurdle and problem with you. The hurdles and problems that we have met when we first started can be avoided with our Franchise Plan to ensure your path to be as smooth as possible!

Start-up Problems

Parkland’s Solution

Establish Your Position and Market Plan Our position of professional and trendy courses but with reasonable pricing is already well-known.
Course Design Over 50 courses designed and planned
Marketing Strategies Online Marketing seen from everywhere
Daily Management Problems Professional training and technical sharing provided
Hiring and Management of Teachers Head Office will hire and manage our teachers ensuring quality
Purchasing of Goods and Products Our professional team has the best and economical products ready for you
Store Location We have wealth of experience in locating store locations to greatly reduce possible risks in the wrong locations
Image Design and Renovations With set standards reducing costs for design and consultancy fees

2. Parkland’s 6 Brand Advantages

3. Greatly Reduce Start-up and Operation Cost

 Start-up Costs Operation Costs
  • Save Design Fee
  • Avoid Traps
  • Reasonable Renovation Fees
  • Save expensive online marketing fees
  • Head Office will organize music shows and public performances
  • Order in Wholesale Price
Store Rent
Stor Rental Terms
  • Negotiate as a group to receive reasonable rental fees and terms

Support Provided to Franchisees from Head Office

  • Provide suggestions for best location for your school
  • Provide assistance in negotiating rental terms and conditions
  • Provide the best professional advice in store strategies according to market research
  • Co-design with you the floorplan design and rooms design according to your location
  • Provide professional advice during renovations
  • Provide professional advice on the acoustics and instrumental positioning
Human Resources
  • Central hiring of teachers
  • Provide advice on teacher management for your location
  • Provide training for frontline staff
  • Promotional support for recruiting students
  • Promotional support on your grand opening
  • Student recruitment advertisement support
  • Promotional materials design
  • Enrolled students can join Head Office events and activities
  • Provide media interviews and publications for promotion and decoration use

8 Steps to Join Us!


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