It is a main focus of Parkland Music to nurture the next generation of musically gift and loving children to grow with them to allow the kids to increase their concentration, initiate learning, so they can learn not only music, but the proper attitude in the children music classes. We will provide some instruments free so the kids can experiment various interests without adding any extra problems for the parents.

We have over 100 great teachers with vast experience with children, great patience and wonderful in communicating with children. Many of our teachers graduated in famous institutions of music, ex: Musicians Institute in USA, Musicians Institute in Japan, Berklee College of Music, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Baptist University Faculty of Music, and Hong Kong University Faculty of Music, etc.

The excellent educational brand of Parkland Music is due to a parents’ continue support and the recognition from the public and professionals throughout the years. The awards we’ve had include:
– Parents Magazine’s Super Brand Award 2015
– Capital Weekly’s Music Education and Performance Service Award 2014
– Mediazone’s 2015Most Valuable Company Award
– Parents Magazine’s Star School 2014

Children’s music course content

Parkland Music School specially designed music courses for young children, suitable for those aged 1-6 who are interested in learning the piano. The entire course is led by a “renowned international kindergarten music teacher”, so that we can first understand the needs of children, and then use music to attract interest in learning!


Course features

  • With the full English teaching mode, children can learn to communicate with others in English from an early age
  • The course is suitable for children aged 2 – 5
  • The whole course is led by “Famous International Kindergarten Music Teacher”
  • 12 lessons in total
  • After completing the course, you can recommend students to participate in competitions and performances
  • After completing the course, the instructor will give an independent assessment & certificate to the children

Course Introduction

LCM Course

– Can participate in the “London College of Music Examination” after graduation, and obtain an internationally recognized certificate jointly signed by London College of Music & University of West London
– Get professional assessment & evaluation
– Train your guts, accumulate interview experience & music qualifications through exams
Class location selection1️⃣Kowloon Bay Campus
Location: Room11, 7/F, Telford House, 16 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay (Next to Telford Plaza)
Date:11th May 2024 – 27th Jul 2024 (every Saturday,12 lessons in total)
Course:LCM Course (All English teaching)
Fees:$350 x 12 classes =$4200
Number of people:1 mentor to 4-6 students
Class time:
First class:  9:45-10:30
Second class: 10:30-1115
Course inquiry:
WhatsApp inquiry:5721 4768
Class location selection2️⃣Mong Kok Main Campus
Location: Address: 9/F, Wo Foo Commercial Building, 574-576 Nathan Road, Mongkok
Date:20th Apr 2024 – 6th Jul 2024 (every Saturday,12 lessons in total)
Course:LCM Course (All English teaching)
Fees:$350 x 12 classes =$4200
Number of people:1 mentor to 3 students
Class time:
First class:  9:30-10:15
Second class: 10:15-11:00
Third class: 11:15-12:00
Course inquiry:
WhatsApp inquiry:26609138
New student who register for the first time can get a 10% discount🥳
There is no make-up class for the LCM class🙏🏻
New students need to pay an administrative fee of HK$50 (one-time fee)❣️

Course fees:

$350 x 12堂 x9折+$50行政費=$3830

In addition to physical classes, you can also choose: “Online Live Teaching Service”, check now!