Course Content

  • Vocal technique
  • Voice projection
  • Phonation
  • Breathing and air support
  • Vocal resonance
  • Performance style
  • Expression
  • Performance posture
  • Head voice and falsetto
  • Song and performance arrangement
  • Reference to world renowned singers and classic A Cappella groups’ performance techniques
  • Team building and coordination
  • Music theory and note reading
  • Techniques in complex beats
  • Improvisation
  • Song arrangement and ear training
  • Vocal maintenance
  • Discussion on the effective and efficient way of daily practices
  • Participation in various open contests


Music Course Fee

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2023 Offer (New Students)

Course fee per 1 classes (Per head) 60mins
Groups of 2 persons $230
Groups of 3-6 persons $180

8堂證書課程 送 名廠樂器

收費以八堂計算 日本名廠品牌 Audio Technica
Technica XM5S 咪高峰 + NUX SA40音箱
美國名廠品牌 Shure
SM58 咪 + Nux SA40 音箱
初級 Debut
個別(individual)30mins (共8堂)
$3740 $4340