Want to be able to play your favorite pop songs on the piano? Start your modern musical journey with Parkland’s comprehensive pop piano course. We offer a range of piano lessons that will have you playing with your favorite pop songs like a seasoned piano player. From proper piano structure and posture, scales, chords to music theory and sight reading. We accommodate students with different skill and experience levels, with our experienced team of certified piano teachers, who will guide and nurture your talent in a safe and supportive environment.

With over thirty locations in Hong Kong, you can learn piano at Parkland at your preferred time and location

Course Content

  • Learn piano in Hong Kong from high achieving, experienced and certified tutors
  • Introduction to piano structure and posture
  • Coordination between hands, finger dexterity and endurance training
  • Fingering, scales, chords and exercises with different form of accompaniment
  • Tips on different fingering, scales and performance
  • Hundreds of Canto-pop, Taiwan-pop, J-pop, K-pop, Western pop and classic songs
  • Make use of master pianists’ licks and songs for exercises
  • Reference to world renowned pianists and classic bands’ performance techniques
  • In-depth training of Arpeggios, tapping, speed solo, scales / mode, etc
  • Analysis of improvisation with rock, jazz and other music styles
  • Expressions in solo playing
  • Playing and singing
  • Music theory and notation reading training
  • Analyze and dismantle the organization of classic hits
  • Composition and song arrangement with piano
  • Development of sense of rhythm
  • Techniques in complex beats
  • Improvisation
  • Song arrangement and ear training
  • In-depth discussion in features of different piano brands
  • Piano lessons on maintenance and instrument care
  • Discussion on the effective and efficient way of daily practices
  • Exam arrangement for ABRSM, Trinity College of Music and Rock Schools’ Music Exams
  • Participation in various open piano contests



Music Course Fee

All new students can enjoy a FREE FIRST LESSON!

In addition to physical classes, you can also choose:

 “Online Live Teaching Service”, inquire now!

2023 Offer (New Students)

初級(Pre-Grade) $180 $250 $310
一級(Grade 1) $190 $265 $325
二級(Grade 2) $200 $280 $340
三級(Grade3) $210 $295 $360
四級(Grade 4) $220 $310 $380
五級(Grade 5) $230 $325 $400
六級(Grade 6) / $340 $420
七級(Grade 7) / $355 $440
八級(Grade 8) / $370 $460
Diploma (level 4) / / $550
Diploma (level 6) / / $750

初級(Pre-Grade) $190 $150
一級(Grade 1) $205 $160
二級(Grade 2) $220 $170
三級(Grade3) $235 $180
四級(Grade 4) $250 /
五級(Grade 5) $265 /
六級(Grade 6) $280 /
七級(Grade 7) $295 /
八級(Grade 8) $310 /
Diploma (level 4) / /
Diploma (level 6) / /

*New students can enjoy “Free first lesson” offer:

1.New students can enjoy an extra complimentary lesson*!
*8-lesson package + 1 complimentary lesson = 9 lessons in total
2.The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers, discount and cash coupons.

8堂證書課程 送 名廠樂器

收費以八堂計算(電子琴) Konix 電子琴PJ61Z
Konix電子琴 PH88C
初級 Debut
個別(individual)30mins (共8堂)
$2648 $3048


收費以八堂計算( 數碼鋼琴) 數碼鋼琴 Roland Go:88
Kawai 數碼鋼琴ES-110
(黑色/白色) 包括X琴架、琴櫈
初級 Debut
個別(individual)30mins (共8堂)
$4620 $7048