A Snapshot of Parkland

Our Mission

To plant the seed of music in everyone’s heart, and support it to sprout and bear good fruit; help colleagues be more like a complete man.

Our Principle

Stick to our first intention: treat every day as the first day of Parkland, treat every customer as our first customer; Endeavor to serve with a righteous, humble and selfless heart; Keep on improving ourselves so that today we must be better than yesterday – because we strongly believe that everyone who exalts himself will be humbled.

Behind the name of Parkland

On dictionary, “Parkland” means “an area of open land with grass and trees”. We strive to allow the seed of music root firmly on this piece of parkland, where they can absorb sufficient nutrition to flourish and bear good fruit. On this “open land”, everyone can share their music freely, so as to nourish more music lovers and breed genuine musicians.

Parkland’s Educational Philosophy

Parkland Music is leading beyond traditional music education to provide a unique sharing platform for all style of music.
There shouldn’t be any boundaries in the world of music. Thus, we have designed music courses in “5 Key Fields”, which comprises Pop Music, Vocal, Digital Music, Theory and Classical Music.

These “5 Key Fields” are supported by “8 Core Elements”, namely Pop Style, Rock Style, Metal Style, Blues Style, Funk Style, Fusion Style, Jazz Style and Classical Style.

Parkland’s Course Structure

Our vision is to nurture and produce all-round musicians. With this solid belief, we strive for excellence in teaching and providing the best learning experience to students.