Maintenance, Repair and Guitar Customization

Maintenance is very important to the durability of a musical instrument, no matter what kind of instrument that is. Parkland Music provides professional maintenance and repair services. We have a team of professional technicians with many years of experience in repairing musical instruments. We also help clients to order customized guitar / other instruments.


Basic cleansing, string changing, tuning, neck adjustment, circuit repair, pick-up balance、intonation、tension, guitar customization

String instruments:

String changing, tuning, neck adjustment, tension, noise fixing


Drum setting, tuning, drum head changing


Tuning, string changing, noise fixing, keys fixing

Orchestral Instrument:

Tuning, cleaning, painting, shaping, welding, replacing parts

For enquiries regarding maintenance, repair and guitar customization, please reach us at 2362 0578 or