Music Tutor Certificate Course (QF Level 3)

Do you want to share your knowledge in music with others? Or contribute differently to society? No matter which type of muscician you are, you should consider the Music Tutor Certificate Course organised by HKFYG CLC.

Thie certificate course is accreditated with Qualification Framework Level 3. If you
would like to become a music tutor, you should consider taking this course to gain more music education knowledge and skills. You can also get a practicum to practice the skills you learnt from this course.

This course is designed for musicians that want to become music tutors. We use a systemic approach to help potential music tutors to teach and design their own teaching schedule and method. It also helps them tackle FAQ in music lessons and enhance their teaching efficiency. The course also includes some music knowledge and music production skills, so as to equip potential tutors to become an all-round tutor.


Course highlight

  • The ONLY music tutor certificate course in Hong Kong that is accreditated with Qualification Framework Level 3.
  • The course is focused on teaching potential tutors the teaching methods to different students, the attitude of teaching, skills and professionalism.
  • Music tutors should have all-round music knowledge, instead of just the skills of playing an instrument. That is why this course has added modules in music theory, contemporary music, song arrangement and improvisation, etc to enrich the content of their future lessons.
  • Practicum is included to well prepare them for their future teaching career.

Course content

Course content and materials is developed by the team of Parkland Music Limited. Topics covered:

  • Attitude and professionalism
  • Children psychology and notes to teaching them
  • How to develope children’s potential and parents’ management
  • Teenagers’ psychological development
  • Notes to teaching adult
  • Notes to teaching group classes
  • Introduction to music education industry
  • Music history and different style of contemporary music
  • Song arrangement and improvisation


17th Course

Target: Age 18 or above, ABRSM grade 5 and *Basic music theory knowledge or above or equivalent level (*Hold ABRSM grade 5 or pass the music theory knowledge test of the center)

Starting from June 4 to August 27, 2024, every Tuesday, 13 classes in total

Time: 7pm – 10pm (total 40 hours)

Venue: 21-22/F, China Congregational Church, 119 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

Price: HK$7,500

Certificate: Students with over 80% attendance and who have passed the assessment can get a certificate issued by HKFYG.

This course is accredited with Qualification Framework Level 3
QR Registration Number: 17/000198/L3
Registration Validity Period:01/04/2017 to 31/03/2027

Enrollment and Enquiry:
(1) Visit HKFYG CLC website:
(2) Pay and enroll at any Parkland Music center

Course instructor

Instructor team formed with Parkland Music co-founder, sernior musicians, education psychology doctor and senior music therapist