Samson Sin

樂隊”The Six Heads”成員。2013年,樂隊勇奪全港青少年樂隊比賽2013冠軍樂隊。考獲Rockschool Grade 8 Drum證書並獲得Distinction成績,擁有10年以上演奏。擅長Pop、Rock、Blues、Jazz及Funk等風格。教學理念著重於學生的基本功,進而學會運用良好的音色。

Member of the band The Six Heads and Winner of the Hong Kong Youth Band Competition in 2013. Awarded the Rockschool Grade 8 Drum Certificate with Distinction and over 10 years of performing experience majoring in Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Funk styles. Teaching methods focus on the student’s basics and advancing onto how to use the best sounds.