本地樂隊Soul of ears結他手,已考獲Rockschool Grade 8 Guitar證書,已有多年彈奏電結他經驗,過往曾參與香港多個大型樂隊比賽,更勇奪香港蒲窩青少年樂隊比賽 2012 冠軍,期後曾多次於本地及中國演出,擅長Rock、Metal、Hardcore、Blues等風格,對速彈及獨奏技巧、感情有深入研究。

Guitarist of local band Soul of Ears. Awarded the Rockschool Grade 8 Guitar Certificate with many years of experience in performing with the Electric Guitar. Having been involved with many major band competitions in Hong Kong including being awarded Winner of The Warehouse Teenage Band Competition in 2012, Nok has been in many performances in Hong Kong and in China. Best in Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Blues, etc. styles and with in-depth emphasis on quick fingering and performing techniques and emotions in music.