Chung Bee Lee

本地著名地下樂隊Maniac鼓手,於2010年推出專輯《記憶凌亂•散落》,新碟專輯發佈會全場爆滿,反應熱烈,曾為國外知名樂隊Misery Signal、Bring Me The Horizon、The Devil Wears Prada、Crossfaith等作過開場演出。擅長Metal、Rock、Pop、Blues、Funk等風格,Rockschool Grade 8 drums證書並取得Distinction成績,並擁有8年以上教學經驗,教學內容著重學生個人質素和喜好,而度身設計教學課程。

Drummer of the locally renowned indie group Maniac who had a full audience at their press conference of their album release in 2010,《記憶凌亂•散落》. They were also the opening act to many internationally renowned groups Misery Signal, Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, Crossfaith, etc. Adept in many styles including Metal, Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, etc. Received the Rockschool Grade 8 Drums Certificate with Distinction and have over 8 years of teaching experience. Teaching focuses on the students individual style and interests and will tailor-make the course according to the student.