Simon Choi

畢業於英國Oxford Brookes University的Sound Technology and Digital Music學位課程,並考獲Rockschool Grade 8 Guitar證書及英國皇家音樂學院(ABRSM)8級樂理證書。於英國及澳洲期間,曾與各國樂手交流音樂。擁有彈奏結他10年以上經驗及5年以上教學經驗。擅長Britrock、Funk及Acoustic等風格。教學方針著重音樂的節奏感。

Graduated from UK’s Oxford Brookes University with a Degree in Sound Technology and Digital Music and awarded the Rockschool Grade 8 Guitar Certificate and the ABRSM Grade 8 Theory Certificate. While he was in UK and Australia, he cooperated with many international musicians with over 10 years of performing experience and over 5 years of teaching experience. Best in Britrock, Funk and Acoustic styles focusing his teaching on musical rhythm.