Loreley Chan

修讀於浸會大學音樂系,考獲英國皇家音樂學院(ABRSM)8級聲樂及8級樂理證書。曾為香港大都會合唱團及香港聖樂團成員,於文化中心、大會堂‥‥等場地作公開演出。曾參與歌劇Die lustige Witwe(風流寡婦)演出。教學理念猶其著重學生的基本功,並培養學生對音樂的興趣。

Studied in the Baptist University’s Department of Music and awarded ABRSM Grade 8 Vocal and Grade 8 Theory Certificates. Was a member of the Hong Kong Metropolitan Chorus and Hong Kong Oratorio Society performing in venues like Cultural Centre and Town Hall, etc. Also performed in Opera Die Lustige Witwe. Teaching philosophy focuses on the student’s basics and to develop the student’s interest in music.