Kulo Ming

樂隊”Ignite the Hope”及”及時雨”成員。曾於台灣春天吶喊音樂會及銀礦灣沙灘音樂節等公開演出。過往曾與許懷欣、Harpack等藝人合作並曾參加中學巡演。考獲Rockschool Grade 8 Drum證書並獲得Distinction成績。有10年以上演奏及5年以上教學經驗。擅長Metal及Post Hard Core等風格。教學方式著重演奏方式、令學生能以音樂表達自己。

Members of the bands Ignite the Hope and Rain in Time. Performed in Taiwan’s Spring Scream Concert and the SMF Silvermine Bay Music Festival and cooperated with artists like Ryan Hui, Harpack, etc. with their highschool tour shows. Awarded the Rockschool Grade 8 Drum Certificate with Distinction with over 10 years of performing experience and over 5 years of learning experience. Best in Metal and Post Hardcore styles with a teaching method that focuses on the performing styles to best allow the students to express themselves through music.