Koala Kwan

畢業於澳洲紐卡索大學音樂學士學位,均以Distinction(優異)成績考獲英國Trinity(聖三一)音樂聲樂LTCL演奏文憑及英國皇家音樂學院(ABRSM)8級聲樂證書。曾跟隨聲樂教育家 Dr Christopher Allan 及悉尼歌劇院著名女高音Ms Gillian Sullivan 學習聲樂,並跟隨指揮家 Dr Ian Cook學習指揮技巧。超過5年教授聲樂經驗,從巴洛克時期音樂至現代流行曲。教學方針是以耐心,互動及思考性教學模式對每位學生的特質給予最適合教材,因材施教,訓練獨立思考及建立自我檢察方式,並著重於聲帶發聲的保護及健康訓練。

Graduated at The University of Newcastle, Australia with a Bachelor’s Degree, Trinity College’s LTCL Diploma with Distinction and ABRSM Grade 8 Vocal Certificate. Studied under Vocal Professor Dr. Christopher Allan and renowned Soprano of the Sydney Opera Ms. Gillian Sullivan and learnt conducting under conductor Dr. Ian Cook. With over 5 years of vocal teaching experience from Baroque to Modern Pop Music. A patient, interactive and cognitive learning environment with the best materials tailored to the student’s strengths can train individual thinking and create a self-aware method of learning with emphasis on protection of vocal cord use and healthy training.