Karl Chen

考獲Rockschool Grade 8 Guitar證書,擁有8年以上演奏及5年以上教學經驗。過往曾受邀到中國內地參予多場表演,活躍於香港Band譠。擅長Pop、Rock、Metal、Blues、Jazz及Funk等風格,教學方式因材施教,從學生的興趣出發,並著重基本功訓練。

Awarded the Rockschool Grade 8 Guitar Certificate with over 8 years of performing experience and 5 years of experience in teaching. Was invited to various performances in China and is also active in Hong Kong’s band scene. Can play Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz and Funk styles with a teaching philosophy based on the student’s potential, interests with focuses on basic training.