Jon Benard

I am a versatile musician. I play bass,keyboard, guitar and my major instruments is drums. I have been performing for more than 10 years until now and with different musicians. I started to play in church to improve myself in 2008. I play with my dad back in 2015 doing duo show and play a ballroom gig.I am currently playing a regular gig every Friday in Auberge hotel bar at discovery bay.Main drummer of Bulletproof (ska

punk) and playing for Johnson Ho wedding production. Playing with 3 different band is actually really fun and I learn how to adopt their style as explore different genre such as Pop,rock,jazz,Latin ,bossa nova,R&B,reggae,ska,punk,funk and others..

However, I discover myself that teaching music is also one of my passion to share my talent to the kids and others. Back in 2011 I started to coach a band voluntary in YWCA until 2013. In 2012 I started to teach one on one individual instruments up to now. In 2016 I took the grade 8 rock school exam major in drums and I was awarded merit on my certificate.

Music is one of the best job to do either playing or teaching, it glorify God and inspire others to learn music.It’s all about your passion and doing what you love to do in life. Never loose hope for God gives hope to the hopeless and all things are possible to him.