Howie Chung

考獲英國Trinity Drum Kit8級證書,接觸流行鼓十多年,教學經驗超過7年。為樂隊”唐人街”及”Mas2ia””成員,活躍於香港Band譠,多年來積極參與城中大小Band Show及活動。曾遠赴加坡、大陸及台灣等地作海外演出。擅長Rock、Metal等風格。教學方式著重學生的基本功,從而掌握拍子感及節奏感。

Awarded UK’s Trinity Drum Kit Grade 8 Certificate with over 10 years of pop drumming experience and over 7 years of teaching experience. Members of the bands Chinatown and Mas2ia which are active in Hong Kong amassing many band show experiences across the city and overseas to Singapore, China, Taiwan, etc. Mastered Rock, and Metal styles, Howie focuses on teaching the students the basics by getting the sense of beat and rhythm.