Cocoa Wong

考獲英國聖三一音樂學院大提琴演奏文憑(ATCL)及鋼琴演奏文憑(ATCL)。畢業於浸會大學音樂系,主修大提琴。擁有10年以上演奏及5年以上教學經驗。曾為Pro Arte Orchestra of Hong Kong管弦樂團成員,於文化中心、大會堂‥‥等場地作公開演出。教學理念著重學生的基本功及技巧。

Awarded UK’s Trinity College Cello ATCL and Piano ATCL Diplomas. Graduated at the Baptist University Department of Music majoring in Cello. With over 10 years of experience in performance and over 5 years of teaching experience. Was a member of the Pro Arte Orchestra of Hong Kong performing at Cultural Centre and Town Halls. Focuses the teaching the basics and techniques of the students.