Charice Chan

修讀於浸會大學音樂系,考獲英國皇家音樂學院(ABRSM)8級長笛證書,擁有近10年演奏經驗。跟隨名師Olivier Nowak研習技巧。現為HKBU Wind Symphony管樂團成員。擅長Classical及Pop風格。教學理念猶其著重學生的基本功,並培養學生對音樂的興趣。

Studied at the Baptist University Department of Music and was awarded the ABRSM Grade 8 Flute Certificate with over 10 years of performing experience. Studied techniques under renowned musician Olivier Nowak. Is currently a member of the HKBU Wind Symphony and is best known for Classical and Pop styles. Emphasizes on student’s basics and to develop the student’s interest in music in her teachings.