我在Parkland學習電結他,現在亦同時學習流行鼓。導師教導方式容易明白,令我覺得流行鼓很好玩,加深了我對流行鼓的興趣及認識。我在Parkland學習多時,平常上課時都很輕鬆愉快。以往我更經常觀看Parkland舉辦的band show及比賽,一個字,正!

I used to learn electric guitar at Parkland, and now I’m learning more about pop drums. The instructor’s teaching method is easy to understand, which makes pop drums very interesting to me, thus deepening my interest and understanding of pop drums. I have been studying at Parkland for a long time and my classes are very relaxing and enjoyable. I watch more often the band shows and competitions held by Parkland, which can be very positive.