Tommy Sung

Home – Drummer & full-time musician Engaged in many years of music work, such as concert musicians, record recording production. Cooperative artists include: Fred Cheng @HOME, TaiChi Band, Benji & Lesley, Felix Poon, Wallis Cho Season Lee…, etc.

From the home often play a lot of different music, such as Anglo-American Beatles, Bee Gees, Carpenters…. Own than listening to Japanese music. In the middle school began to learn the instrument. Drum, guitar, piano … and so on at this time and friends group Band. Even if it has joined the social work, still adhere to the faith. Continue to put the music in a top position. Full-time to join the music teaching work, their own band HOME, there are many different units for the performance of the most profound one, we can also be regarded as the band in 2013 on behalf of Hong Kong was selected in Taiwan “spring cry” performance band unit. In the music teaching work, the use of their own knowledge, experience, knowledge and thoughts. We hope that more people can learn music, pass the fire, so the process, students can better understand themselves, give yourself more challenges, training yourself.

Hope that music can be filled with life, with more people through music, one by one is linked with…