Singz Tse

A member of “The Astrocytes”, a band under Super Tronics International Music. “The Astrocytes” published their first album in 2012. Singz is very actively in Hong Kong’s showbiz, and have worked with various experienced artists and singers in different performances. He has also been a member of the live band in JSG, The Voice, etc and the bass guitarists in artists’ albums and concerts. Artists whom he has worked with include Kay Tse, Endow Chow, Candy Lo, Andy Lau, Denise Ho, Khalil Fong, etc. He was the bass guitarists for concerts including 『我們相愛6年Twins環遊世界演唱會』(Twins)、『許志安蘇永康-安康2OO9美國演唱』(Andy Hui, William So)、『糖兄妺跑出天際遊樂園演唱會』、『周國賢好爸爸音樂會』(Endy Chow), etc.