Rap Cheung

Rap is the drummer for the band “Blaster”, the champion band in Yamaha Asian Beat 2009, 1st runner up band in Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong Heartbeat Youth Music Festival and the champion of Our Rock Story 4 Music Competition. Rap has been the drummer in a lot of major concerts in recent years. He has worked with Jade Kwan, RuberBand, C ALL STAR, Andy Hui, Bianca Wu (小琳), Terence Chui (小肥), Vivian Chan, Jason Chung + Karene Mak, Takki, KellyJackie, Sugar Club, Maggie Fu, Ella Koon, A-Day, Edmond To, Shiga Lin, Jonathan Wong, Angela Au and Sheldon Lo, etc. Rap is very active in Hong Kong mainstream music industry and has had individual performances in Taiwan and Japan.