Course Content

  • Introduction to cajon structure and posture
  • Coordination between hands and feet and endurance training
  • Skills in hundreds of rhythms
  • Techniques in complex beats
  • Hundreds of Canto-pop, Taiwan-pop, J-pop, K-pop, Western pop and classic songs
  • Reference to world renowned guitarists and classic bands’ performance techniques
  • Performance techniques in different music styles (e.g. Blues, Rock, Jazz, etc)
  • Music theory and notation reading training
  • Development of different sense of rhythm
  • Solo and Duo playing training
  • Improvisation training
  • Song arrangement and ear training
  • Expression of feelings/li>
  • Equipment settings in different performance and venues
  • Tuning and setting of different kinds of cajon
  • Cajon maintenance
  • Discussion on the effective and efficient way of daily practices


Course Fee

Course fee per 1 classes Debut-Grade3 Grade4-5 Grade6-8
(Individual)30min $145 / /
45min $190 $220 $250
60min $225 $265 $305
(Groups of 2-3 persons)60min $140 $165 $190